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Use a coffee-alarm clock to get yourself out of bed this winter

By Monica Boyd

Is that AM or PM? Never mind: there’s coffee.

Photo: The Barisieur Kickstarter Campaign

So, it’s the middle of winter and it’s tough to get out of bed. So we ask – would an alarm clock that produces drip filtercoffee for you make that first, most important duty of the day a bit easier?

It’s called the Bariseiur, and it’s from British designer Josh Renouf. It promises to stir you from your all-powerful slumber “the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed coffee”.

All five senses are engaged, apparently, which is exactly four more than the standard alarm clock, and therefore, potentially, five times as effective.*

The unit is compact and rather stylish. Photo: The Barisieur Kickstarter Campaign

It works using the power of science, which is to say that there’s an induction hob that boils the water in a cute little glass vessel and pushes it up and through the coffee-filled stainless steel filter. You can add milk from the bespoke peltier cooler, and there’s a tiny drawer for all your sweetener needs. It also has a USB port to charge your phone from, and it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

As one colleague pointed out, the idea of having hot water that close to your bed – and head – while still half-asleep could be a bit unnerving. Also, apparently there are people out there who don’t drink coffee and for whom this wonderful invention would, perhaps, have less appeal. But it does also offer a loose leaf tea option, so, when we all do a clean month, peppermint tea mornings are a distinct possibility.

Other potential work arounds would be hiring a barista to make you a coffee and deliver it (potential for weirdness: high), or moving into a studio small enough for you to reach the hotplate-on-top-of-the-microwave from bed.

Just reach over and voila! Coffee. Photo: The Barisieur Kickstarter Campaign

The good news is the Barisieur has reached its Kickstarter target, and has an estimated delivery time of June 2017.

(*Still less effective than a hungry cat sitting on you, but a coffee-alarm-clock won’t be expressly forbidden in your rental lease).

Nicole Frost
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