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Is there a lesson in US real estate for Australia?

By Chris Wilkins

Over several trips to the USA, it’s struck me how differently realtors there run their Open For Inspections and client care, and the exceptional level of service this affords both buyers and vendors.

For one, many opens are held between 1pm and 4pm on Sundays, which would remove the clash with Saturday sports for many of our busy parents. And US agents actively compete for ‘floor time’ to greet and service clients in their showrooms. With a capital ‘C’ for compete, this immediately elevates the level of service they provide to build relationships with their clients.

My observations over 25 years in real estate are that Australian’s expectations of service are higher than our US counterparts – both in real estate and general – but do we meet them? And are those expectations realistic?

What would we need to radically overhaul to provide a better level of customer service AND should we as consumers embrace our professionals on a different level, to bridge the expectation gap?

On every trip, I bring back innovations, thoughts and ideas to improve my business. Who’d like to join me on me next trip?

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