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How to style your home in 2016

By Monica Boyd

This year’s themes are about nature and sustainability.

Bring the garden inside

Nothing brightens and freshens a room like greenery. Add a succulent centerpiece to your table, pop a small fern in the bathroom, or grow herbs on the kitchen bench. Plants are pretty, and they purify the air. And you can eat the herbs!

Create flow between inside and outside

With its temperate climate, Australia is particularly suited to an outdoor lifestyle. Australian homes are often built around living spaces that look onto and open up to outdoor spaces. Courtyards, bi-fold doors and windows, and floor-to-ceiling glass all achieve indoor-outdoor flow.

Hydronic heating

Hydronic heating has been used in Europe for decades, but is just catching on in Australia. Hydronic heating uses hot water to heat rooms, and can be used in underfloor heating. The effect is luxurious, and supremely comfortable. Hydronic heating is energy efficient and healthy.

Black stainless steel

Nothing says ‘contemporary’ like black stainless steel. The latest materials are usually coated with an easy-to-maintain surface, and create a warmer palette than traditional stainless steel. All the major manufacturers have released ranges in black stainless steel.

Weaving is in – macramé, baskets, crochet

If you hold onto something for long enough, it’s bound to come back into style. Macramé wall hangings, a cane basket, or a crochet rug can add a touch of 1970s-vintage-chic to your home.

Metallic accents

Add some shine to your interiors with a brushed-brass side table, copper door handles, or a brass vase. The metallic hues in season this year are rustic and warm.

Colours inspired by nature

Dulux has released a range named Bio Fragility this season. It’s inspired by ‘natural and living matter – flesh tones, lichen, moss and stone.’ The feel is soft, the mood is calm.


Insulate, insulate, insulate. If you insulate well, you’ll hardly need to heat or cool your home.

Locally sourced

In 2016, we want to know where our goods are made. Locally sourced and crafted is the goal here. You’ll be supporting local craftsman, and reducing your carbon footprint.


Re-use, renew, sustainable. Wasteful is not cool in 2016. Solar panels are de rigueur. Discarded timber floorboards can be refashioned into a table. The old marble mantelpiece can be used as a benchtop in the bathroom. The 1930s storage cupboard your local school is throwing away can become a feature sideboard. A compost bin may be your coolest accessory this year.

posted by Recon Daily, 13th January 2016.  Image from

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