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August garden tips

By Monica Boyd

With this warm weather, lots of you are back out in the garden getting it Spring ready

Here are some tips from Hortico to get your garden Spring ready

In frost-free areas, cut back impatiens, begonias and summer flowering shrubs like gardenias, hibiscus and fuchsias.

Use Weed ‘n’ Feed or bindii killer to control broad leafed weeds in lawns.

Fertilise citrus with citrus food or Hortico organic plant food.

Complete all major landscaping projects before warm weather arrives.

Weed regularly around annuals and vegetables. This will reduce competition for water and nutrients.

Clean paths and garden furniture to prepare for summer entertaining.

Seed potatoes can be planted this month.

A clean-up spray with copper fungicide before leaves emerge will prevent many fungal problems on deciduous fruit trees and ornamentals.

Sprinkle calendula petals into salads or use them to decorate serving dishes.

Moss in lawns can be controlled by watering with a solution of 30g of iron sulphate dissolved in four litres of water.

Taste-test citrus before harvesting. Some varieties colour well early in the season but it can be months before they are sweet enough to enjoy.

Prune roses in cold climates.

  • SEEDS TO SOW: Nasturtium, Petunia, Cleome, Carnation, Lettuce, Parsnips, Endive, Beetroot, Herbs, Radishes, Cabbages, Chinese Cabbages
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