The paint trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2017

Renovating for home or profit

There’s a big difference between renovating your own home versus renovating your investment property. Here’s some tips.

Raw texture, zesty colour, rustic neutrals and unlikely colour combinations are set to shape 2017 paint trends. With an emphasis on luxury and simplicity, influence is found in every corner of the globe.

“Simplicity in colour will enrich understated luxury,” says Lily Cumberland, Interior Designer at Coco Republic Interior Design. “Think solid blocks of colour rather than multicoloured patterns or prints.

Satin finishes and texture will be strong elements and we will be influenced by industrial style with a tonal palette of cool, raw colours.”

Paintbrush poised but need some direction? Experts tell us how to nail 2017’s most exciting paint trends.

Here are the paint trends to look out for in the new year. Photo: Dulux


A colour scheme that encompasses blanched neutrals and washed earth tones, is the perfect tonic for tuned-in New Year style. The twist? In 2017, texture comes into play, taking this rustic palette to new sensory heights.

Choose a paint that provides a soft parchment or suede finish for instant luxury. Or for a more rustic approach, apply paint over an existing textured surface – exposed natural bricks, cement wall, floorboards or wooden beams. “A soft muted palette makes a space intimate and relaxed,” says interior stylist Lisa Koehler. “A beautiful patina adds an enticing element of old that is alluring and asks to be touched.”

To achieve a good balance of textures, Sonia Simpfendorfer, Creative Director at Nexus Designs, suggests adding a dose of shine. “I like to balance earthy texture with varying gloss levels,” she says. “Think warm, natural timber floors with sleek, glossy joinery. Gorgeous.”

Add complementary decorative elements for on-point styling. “Handmade ceramics, raw linen cushions, hand-woven throws and chunky knits make a space warm yet modern,” Koehler says.

Soft tones bring an intimate and relaxed feel to a room. Photo: Dulux

Saturated colour

Colour fiends should look to the other end of the spectrum for divine and delicious inspiration. Fruity hues like peach, melon, banana and lime are saturated and applied en masse for a cool, post-modernist bent. “These new combinations are uplifting and refreshing, and create a happy and playful space,” says Justine Brown of Chocolate Brown Interior Styling.  “This application of colour takes the concept of  ‘pop of colour’ to a whole different level. In the past we have added bright colour sparingly to add vibrancy to a neutral palette. In 2017, it will be applied on a much larger scale.”

When choosing colours, consider Greenery, Pantone’s newly anointed Colour of the Year. “I love Pantone’s description of Greenery as ‘nature’s neutral’,” Simpfendorfer says. “Like fashion’s perennial blue denim, there’s a green for every possible interior situation bringing life and optimism to internal spaces.”

Paint whole walls in pulsating colour, or just a section for a strong graphic effect. “Doors, walls, splash backs and cabinetry can be broken up into geometric sections of colour that exist unexpectedly alongside each other,” Brown says. “The colour combinations are very retro in style and mood.”

Tone down the noise using decor and neutral colour. “The role of furniture, homewares and art works is to dress down a space,”  Brown says. “Use black and white, or materials like timber, glass and concrete to keep your colour scheme in check.”


Industrial style returns with soothing monochromatic palettes of inky blue and grey tones that deliver a polished but pared-back look that is effortlessly sleek and glamorous.

“We will see a return to simplicity, with a new appreciation for beautiful raw materials,” says Kristy Sadlier of Norsu Interiors. “A calming monochromatic palette offset with strong architectural accents like concrete and steel is right on-point.”

Add decorative accents to define and soften your space. “Apply definition using concrete and marble materials, and inject character with metallics like brass and copper. For warmth and comfort, style layers of soft textured materials like linen, silks and velvet. It makes for the perfect juxtaposition of texture.”

Global styling

In 2017, we will be consumed by wanderlust, taking inspiration from all corners of the globe, where rich earthy colours rule, and provide the ideal backdrop for exotic homewares and souvenirs.

Laid-back, eclectic and effortless, anything goes. A taupe wall can serve as a blank canvas for your art work, or paint it eggplant and create a striking colour contrast. To finish, add rich embellishments in the form of velvet cushions, rich tapestries, hand woven baskets and Persian rugs.

“A Mediterranean-inspired palette provides a vibrant accent,” Cumberland says. “This trend has taken cues from the global traveller, with earthy hues like warm oranges, purples and reds in subdued tones.”

In 2017, anything goes. The world is your oyster.

Look to the trends all around the globe for inspiration. Photo: Dulux

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