Life As A Real Estate Salesperson

By Chris Wilkins

You might be surprised to know just how many people have had the thought at one time or another that they might like to sell real estate for a living. It’s an enticing idea – all you have to do is wear a sharp suit and drive around in a nice car, showing people through properties. As an added bonus, you get paid thousands of dollars every time you sell a place. But is it really as straightforward as it looks?

It’s true that the potential upside is great, offering an unlimited income potential with complete flexibility about how, when and where you work. On top of that, real estate is one of the few professions in which there’s no discrimination on the basis of age, sex or experience, so theoretically, anyone can reach the top. Now more than ever before, men and women, young and old, are building successful careers in real estate, many of them earning six figure salaries within just a couple of years of starting out.

On the flipside, a real estate agent could be compared to a duck whose unruffled, effortless looking journey through the water masks the furious paddling taking place underwater. Because the reality is, selling real estate is anything but easy. In fact according to most studies, around half of the people who join the industry fail, giving up before they’ve even completed their first year.

Chris Wilkins

Principal Drummoyne

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