Autumn 2017’s Hottest Interior Decor Trends


To help out the trend chasers and those who are set to renovate soon, we’ve put together a list of the hottest interior design trends on the way in 2017. As a part of your tasteful and considered alterations, adding these features will really make your home’s interior stand out from the rest.

Luxury details

Leave minimalism in 2016 and embrace your indulgent side when it comes to your interior decor this autumn. Think copper taps and rose-gold bathroom detailing, underfloor heating, hanging globe lights and if you’re feeling particularly lavish and futuristic – why not a heated toilet seat?


They key here is to embrace luxury throughout the home, but particularly in key areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. With the use of beautiful features like marble, coloured metals and high-tech appliances these rooms can act as features and lift the decor of the entire home when renovated.

Indoor gardens

If you’re a fan of lush gardens, and flourishing plant life then you’re in luck – Bringing your garden indoors is one of 2017’s most promising trends. Don’t fret with carefully trimmed flower arrangements and delicate bonsai trees, instead leave wild hanging plants draping over mantelpieces and tall ferns adding character to your more bare rooms.

Be careful when selecting your plants, however, as certain species may cause allergies or be toxic if kept in a small space. The following plants should be avoided or kept out of reach if you have pets or children:

  • Ivy
  • Peace lillies
  • Oleander
  • Mother-In-Law’s Tongue
  • Pothos
  • Caladium


A number of leading home decor sources have trumpeted the rise of wallpaper in 2017.

We’re not talking about the mustard patterns, or psychedelic colours that were plastered all over Australian walls in the 70’s – instead choose bold abstract designs.  These are best used as feature walls, tied into the rest of the room by using the same patterns on cushions or other parts of your interior decor. That way your wallpaper isn’t just a backdrop, it’s a striking feature that’s tied into the overriding theme of the room.


Moody colours

Moody, dark colours are making a comeback in Australian households. We’re talking warm maroons, deep purples and dark blues. It may seem bold and brave, but all the best home designs are.

These colours exude warmth and comfort, and can bring a certain speakeasy mystery to your home. Select luxurious pieces of furniture with classy vintage styling in these colours and you’ll love your living rooms dark new look.

Butlers pantries

Butlers pantries may seem like an over the top excess, but they’re actually incredibly practical and convenient.  

They’ve been one of the most desirable home features in Australia for years now, not just because of how useful they are for extra storage, but also because of the flow on effects they have on the kitchen.

Thanks to the extra storage such a pantry will provide, it’ll be far easier to keep your kitchen uncluttered and looking its best. This often has a flow on effect on the rest of your house.

If you’re considering refinancing to renovate, keep these tips in mind, and get in touch with a local mortgage broker to make sure your additions go off without a hitch.