Easter Trading hours

Please see our Easter trading hours below: Good Friday - CLOSED Easter Saturday OPEN from 9.00am to 1.00pm Easter Sunday - CLOSED Easter Monday - CLOSED For our tenants, please note our Emergency repair contacts below.  Please contact these tradesmen direct. Please ensure a maintenance form is submitted which can be found on our website … read on

Kevin Costner’s $78 million California property for sale

Film star Kevin Costner has put his beachfront 10.25-acre Montecito property on the market. The story goes that Kevin Coster first saw this property when he jogged past it 11 years ago and noticed a 'For Sale' sign out the front. He snapped up the original 17.25 acres for $37 million. Costner later sold 7 acres to his neighbour, leaving him with the remaining 10.25 … read on

Renovating your bathroom, Here’s what you need to know

Is your bathroom looking a little dated? Does its colour scheme resemble something out of a low budget film from the seventies? If you answered yes, it’s definitely time to renovate. To help make sure you get your reno right the first time around, here’s our quick guide to the Australian bathroom renovation. THE TOTAL COST Before you begin your renovations, always … read on

Can you tell which one of these pictures is the Samsung TV?

Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ is a TV that looks like an artwork hanging on your wall IF you’re not down with having a TV as the centrepiece of your room but still want to binge-watch Netflix on a big screen, there is now a stylish answer. Enter “The Frame” — a TV created by Samsung and famed product designer Yves Béhar. As the name might suggest, … read on

What makes buyers fall in love with a house? A recent survey has the answers

Ask any new homeowner to describe what convinced them that this house was the one, and you’ll hear one word come up over and over again: “love”. Buying a home, after all, is a highly emotional event, so when the right place comes along, would-be buyers get giddier than a teenager heading to the school ball. A recent study by economic … read on

The foreign investor myth that’s fooled us all

The Australian property market is a complex beast.   Prospective homeowners are so desperate to get a foothold in the housing game they’re putting off having children as they front up to dozens of open houses and auctions each weekend trying to find their forever homes. Yet in the very same suburbs, foreign investors — predominantly Chinese buyers — are … read on

Autumn 2017’s Hottest Interior Decor Trends

Keeping your home’s interior decor up with current trends can be tough. Some of us are clearly trying to stay up to date, as during last year’s September quarter, we spent over $2 billion on home alterations, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.   To help out the trend chasers and those who are set to renovate soon, we’ve put together a list of the … read on

Print your own home

San Francisco firm Apis Cor have 3D-printed a home in a day for less than $15k Follow the process of how this house was printed in just 24-hours. A San Francisco-based company has successfully 3D-printed a home in a day and claim it all cost less than $15,000. The distinctive-looking home was put together using the latest 3D-printing technology at one of … read on

Seven Autumn gardening tips

Autumn is a good time to get into the garden. Your soil will still contain a fair bit of warmth from summer before the winter rain hits, so it’s a great time to get planting. And you’ll also enjoy doing some D.I.Y. without the summer heat. Mulch For Your Garden Mulch is your garden’s best friend. It helps the soil hold in moisture so you don’t have to water … read on

Experts sound warning for sellers as off-market home sales increase

This house at 126 Heath Street, Port Melbourne sold for $3.7 million at auction - $700,000 more than the owner was expecting. The vendor of a house in Port Melbourne was hoping his property would sell for more than $3 million, but all recent sales of comparable homes suggested he’d have to settle for something in the high $2 millions. Should he sell quietly … read on