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What makes buyers fall in love with a house? A recent survey has the answers

Ask any new homeowner to describe what convinced them that this house was the one, and you’ll hear one word come up over and over again: “love”. Buying a home, after all, is a highly emotional event, so when the right place comes along, would-be buyers get giddier than a teenager heading to … Read more

10 questions to ask yourself if you’re planning an extension

Extending your home is an exciting prospect, but for many it is quite daunting too – we’ve all heard horror stories shared by those who have gone down that path. It doesn’t need to be that way though. With a little bit of planning, the right advice and some discipline, … Read more

Common difficulties during the First Year in your new home

Roughly a third of first home buyers find their first year the most difficult.   Buying your first home is a massive step towards a secure financial future, and perhaps the start of adulthood for many young Australians. However it’s not all roses – with a purchase so massive there … Read more

Is the property market to blame for our commitment to bland interiors?

Why is Gwyneth Paltrow consciously uncoupling with over the top interiors? Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris Last month, Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter GOOP contained one of those rare celebrity gems: a “tour” of the Oscar winner’s New York apartment. Paltrow, who was selling the place, revealed to readers she was the proud owner of … Read more

After the White House

When the Obama family leave the White House, they’ll move to a nine-bedroom house in an upmarket suburb of Washington. Image: The New York Times. When President Obama leaves office in January, the family will move to a nine-bedroom house in the upmarket Kalorama suburb of Washington. The family isn’t moving far. Their new … Read more

What to look out for when buying big-ticket household items

From state-of-the-art appliances to centrepiece furniture, big-ticket household items can burn a large hole in your pocket. Attention to detail and preparation, however, can help you get the product you want at a price you can afford. These purchases are investments you’ll use every day, so you’ll want to get … Read more

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